10 limericks pentru 10.10.10

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  • A fly and a flea in a flue / Were imprisoned, so what could they do? / Said the fly, «Let us flee!» / «Let us fly!» said the flea. / So they flew through a flaw in the flue. („Un purec plăpând şi-o ploşniţă-n plasă / Fură închişi, deci pe unde să iasă? / Purecul spuse: «Hai să sărim!» / Ploşniţa spuse: «Hai s-o roim!» / Şi-o roiră prin ruptura din plasă” (C.M.)) 
  • There was a young fellow named Hall, / Who fell in the spring in the fall. / ’T would have been a sad thing / Had he died in the spring. / But he didn’t – he died in the fall. (W.S. Gilbert). („Era un flăcău, Coridor, / Ce căzu în frunzar în cuptor. / Ar fi fost vai şi-amar / De murea în frunzar. / Însă nu – muri în cuptor” (C.M.).)

  •  There was a young lady named Bright / Who could travel much faster than light. / She set off one day / (In a relative way) / And returned on the previous night.

  • A lady while dining in Crewe / Once found a dead mouse in her stew. / Said the waiter "Don't shout / Or wave it about / Or the rest will be wanting one, too".

  • A remarkable fellow from Weston / Had nearly fifty feet of intestine / Though reported a success / In the medical press / It wasn't much good for digestion.

  •  There was an old man from Darjeeling / Who traveled by train up to Ealing: / It said on the door / "Please don't spit on the floor" / So he carefully spat on the ceiling.

  •  An elderly man called Keith / Mislaid his set of false teeth / They'd been laid on a chair / He'd forgot they were there / Sat down - and was bitten beneath.

  •  There was a young man from Larkhall / Who went to a masquerade ball / Dressed up as a tree, / But he failed to foresee / His abuse by the dogs in the hall.

  •  There was a young Scotsman named Fisher / Who was fishing for fish in a fissure. / Then a cod, with a grin / Pulled the fisherman in. / Now they're fishing the fissure for Fisher. (Trebuia sa fie si unul cu pescari, nu? :-P)

  •  There was a young man from Bengal / Who went to a fancy-dress ball. / He thought "I will risk it / And go as a biscuit." / But a dog ate him up in the hall. (preferatul meu :-D)

2 comentarii:

  1. Facusem acum cativa ani concurs de limericks la scoala, a fost o nebunie! (hmm, poate il incerc si anul asta)

  2. Ce pacat ca nu mai sunt la scoala, tare as fi participat si eu :-)))

    Imi plac la nebunie si mi-au placut dintotdeauna, din pacate multa lume nu prea stie de ele :-(


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