2019 - And what a (record-breaking) year it has been! (II)

Happy lady in Uganda
Traveling is all about the knowledge we gain and the precious memories we create. And from this point of view 2019 - a  truly record-breaking year, as I was calling it in my previous article - was nothing short of amazing! Not only did we finally get to check some of the most sought-after countries for culture and nature aficionados like ourselves off the bucket list, but we were also blessed with quite a few out-of-this-world experiences, breathtaking views (including some fantastic window views from both airplane windows and hotel rooms!) and plenty of sunshine even when we least expected it (oh well, with one notable exception which actually improved our travel experience this one time - I am obviously talking about China's Great Wall, check out the first part of this review for pictures). But most of all, 2019 was (again) a year of marvelous encounters with some of our favorite living creatures, among them Ethiopia's endemic Gelada baboons, Borneo's endemic Proboscis monkeys, Uganda's fearsome mountain gorillas and playful chimps and sometimes... even people (lol). If I were to summarize 2019 by way of a joke related to the Chinese year/zodiac craze, I would say it was - for us - the year of the monkey rather than the year of the pig! :)))

On a more serious note, I have always considered that (at least for us) trips tend to happen at the right time and for a specific reason and some of last's year's trips have definitely left their mark on the two of us and triggered decisions that we have already turned into reality and are very proud of. Also, the best things that happened to us are better left unsaid... as always ;).

Check out a quick recap of the past year below...


2019 - And what a (record-breaking) year it has been! (I)

Surprise of the year: amazing Tajikistan 
There are good years and not-so-good years. There are years to remember and years you wish you could forget. There are long years, seemingly never-ending years and years that pass in the blink of an eye. An then there are great years... surprising, mind-blowing, record-breaking years like 2019. Please bear with my overuse of hyperbolic adjectives, how else do you think could one describe a year that has been richer in travel and experiences than (almost) all those before? 

But hey, you don't need to take my word for it, with all this social media craziness people really tend to exaggerate these days, don't they? So let's... um... see the figures. Which by the way I'm only listing here year after year lest I should forget them - and I have to admit even this would be quite a difficult task if I didn't have a number of notebooks to help me keep record of my past travels.

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